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I used the 18th birthday invitations for the 18th birthday of my daughter. Since I was very busy with work and she had school, we didn't have too much time to plan the whole thing.

I promised to her that I will make her a big party and that she can invite all her friends and classmates, but I somehow forgot about the invitations.

In the end when we finally remembered we realized that there is not much time, and going to the paper stationery store didn't help either: my daughter didn't like any of the invitations there. When we came home I knew that if we don't send the invitations that day, they will never arrive in time. After browsing for a while online for free 18th birthday invitations luckily I found this website.

I love the invitations on this website because I was able to upload a photo of my daughter in the new dress I bought for her for the big event of the birthday party. She loved the idea, and the invitations looked absolutely great in the end: the design, the color and the image which she could all pick out and arrange, and we even wrote some fun text on the invitations.

18th birthday party invitation

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I can't say how much this helped since we didn't have much time: the invitations this way were ready in less than half an hour, we printed them at home, cut the and sent them on the same day. Without this website it would have been much more complicated to find 18th birthday invitations and my daughter loved the idea that she was on each invitations that we sent out. I will definitely use this website again, because it is the best way to save money and time, and even have a little bit of fun!

Jane, CT

18th birthday party invitation

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