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All parents look forward to first birthday of their sweet little child. The excitement is prevalent more in parents than the baby.

Baby hardly recognizes anything except for vibrant colors, mama, papa and his favorite toys. His world is all around his family and his toys. But how can one ignore his first birthday?

Well, you just need to plan things carefully and nicely for your toddler. Invite few guests with kids of similar age and family friends. Your house would be perfect venue for the party as your child is most comfortable there, though you can opt for other choices as well.

A child’s first birthday has to be colorful with cartoons, colorful balloons, animal banners, birds and some stuffed toys. The venue should resemble colorful garden from a story book. The baby would be delighted by vibrant surroundings and people moving around him.

You can arrange wonderful games for children like passing the ball, rattle play and a crawl race. Include a story session for children or few clippings of your child’s growing months. You can include a message board for guests to write blessings for the child on his first birthday and store it as a memento. Table ware, cake, food and favors should all be blending with the colorful theme of the party.

You can even put full size cutouts of your child on the doorway to give unique look to the entrance. You can arrange for ball’s pool and soft trampoline to entertain kids.

With so many thrills around your child would get tired so keep the hours short. There are many online stores that give you abundant ideas and supplies for birthday parties. You just have to select one and they will take care of the rest.

So let’s all get together and say many-many happy returns of the day to the twinkle eyed child on his first birthday.

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