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Exhibition of ceramic wall pieces
By Margaret Daniels
On (date and time)
At (address)

I would be very glad
If you could come and join me
This wonderful evening.

I received this very elegant and very nice artist exhibition invitation when my dear friend organized her first (hope not the last) exhibition.

I was very thrilled when I got it since I don't get such invitations very often. I was very proud to have such successful friend who achieved so much in her life.

I was present at the exhibition and had a good time. Tomorrow my friend asked me if I liked the exhibition and her invitations. Honestly, I was amazed how she organized everything and told her that I liked her invitations too.

She admitted that she found excellent site where she got idea for invitations. That was this very site. When I searched it, I realized she was completely right. Here on this site I saw wide range of different invitations, free printable templates, lot of various quotes and sayings people could use for their invitations.

Art Exhibition
On (date and time)
At (address)
View and buy works from
The most respected artist
Free admission
To find more
Contact (phone number)

Any artist preparing an art exhibition must send invitations to friends, family, and most importantly prospective buyers. These invitations need to include all necessary information like artist's name, exhibition name, exhibition description, opening time, location, phone, E-mail. You can give an idea of what work you will have but you shouldn't show everything since invitations should spark interest.

This site is full of eye-catching, stylish, and interesting artist exhibition invitation examples. You should scroll around this lovely site and discover everything it offers.

N. Morales, NJ

artist exhibition invitation example

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