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Choosing the right Baby Shower Invitation Examples for Inviting friends

When our church youth leader was expecting her first child, we planned to throw a baby shower party for her.

Since we were all quite close to each other, we knew who she would like to be invited for the occasion. So we included all the names that we knew.

We however, informed her too about the event, and asked her if she liked to include a few more names. She said that we had already included every name that she could think of. We were really proud of the fact that we knew her so well that we could anticipate her choices.

Once the names in the list were finalized, we needed the proper wording for the invites. We suggested a lot of verses but none of them sounded right. Then one of us suggested this site that had an incredible range of baby shower invitation examples that were so apt for the occasion.

In fact this site contained wordings for a variety of occasions that one could ever think about. All the examples were extremely attractive and eloquent. We could easily choose very good invitation wordings within a matter of minutes. All of us unanimously agreed on using the wording that we chose on the site for our invitation cards.

We also found out that apart from using the baby shower invitation examples on the site to make our own ecards, we could also print the wordings on paper stationery and send them as traditional cards as well.

This was appropriate for the more formal people in the group who would expect a traditional invitation rather than an ecard. The example of baby shower invitation that we chose on the site was very attractive and well like this.

Baby Shower Invitation Example

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We are throwing a baby shower party for our church’s youth leader. We invite you to join us in celebrating this joyous occasion and sharing in the fun.

A friend
Esther Williams, KY

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