Bachelorette Party Invitation Wording for Crazy Parties and Fun

Bachelorette Party Invitation Wording

Bachelorette parties are those few parties where you can get crazy, wild like never before and along with that a bachelorette party is not complete if you do not invite a large number of your friends.

These friends should take the initiative to organize the whole party and make it interesting. Generally the close friends, of the would be groom or the would be bride, arrange for the event. It is they who can invite other friends to the party as well. Using various crazy wording the card can be designed and decorated.

Bachelorette Party Invitation Wording therefore should be well written and should be pretty innovative. Let me now quickly share with you some good facts about it so that you can cherish the beauty of the entire idea.

Some of the nice web sites I checked out for this purpose are,, and other similar ones.

The note can be in the form of rhymes or short poem like for example: “while Julie’s Prince charming is away/ we are taking her out to play/everything will be alright/ For one last wild and crazy night/ lets all be joyous and hearty/ come join us for Julie’s Bachelorette party.”

This party will have only girl members who will have great fun in their own way. The girls can actually arrange for some games and then a movie, shopping and at last a luxurious dinner. They can spend the whole night freaking out at a pub or even at house chatting, gossiping. Make sure that the party organized should be a day or two before the actual wedding ceremony.

For only men bachelorette party things become a bit more intensive. They don’t shop and dance as girls do but can go to a beach side and enjoy a bonfire and be merry “ good old boys drinking whisky and rai” can be their theme as well for the night. When the wordings for such a party is to be done it can be like Bachelor party! Its boys night out/ lets scream and shout/ enjoy this last night of bachelorhood/ join us for Josh’s bachelor party!”

Or something like “ while Mike’s princess is away/ lets take him for sometime and fly away/ to enjoy the last bachelorette day/join us for our Mike’s bachelor party Hey!” you can be innovative and frame your own wordings. That will make it more interesting and fun. So it’s up to you how innovative can you be and frame your Bachelorette Party Invitation Wording!

Ryan Paul. Philadelphia

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