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My hubby is a home improvement freak. He likes to fix everything all by himself.

We have never called for professional help for any problem at home. Whenever needed, he becomes the plumber, the electrician, the carpenter, the mason or the gardener.

I am really blessed to have such a man in the house. All I need to do is tell him what is wrong and before I know it, the thing will be set right in order once again. So, having a functional home is never a problem with hubby around.

Last week he decided to build a small masonry structure in the garden for a new BBQ grill he had purchased. Since I cook well, we both thought that is a good idea. We could invite our friends and family from time to time and enjoy a BBQ party in the garden.

Within a couple of hours, the masonry structure was up and the BBQ grill in place, ready for a test run. So we tested the grill and it worked fine. So it was time to plan our BBQ party and call everyone over. So we thought we would have one this weekend. We had an email mailing list of some of our friends to whom we can shoot off a mail immediately. The rest were on the regular mail list.

But before we could send them an invitation, we needed good BBQ example of invitation to treat from which we could choose one that seemed appropriate for the occasion.

We found this great site that had a number of bbq invitation examples for a variety of different occasions which could also be printed on stationery paper. It also had a section on bbq invitation examples. So we chose a wording that read as follows:

We are planning to have a BBQ party this weekend in our garden.
We invite you to participate in our celebration and have some fun.

Happy wife
Kate Monroe, NY

bbq party invitation example

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