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When our second son was born last year, we were thrilled to have a new addition to the family. So soon, one year has passed by and it is time to celebrate his first birthday next weekend. Being the first birthday, we naturally want it to be a big event.

So we have invited a lot of our family members, friends and business acquaintances. We are expecting a jolly good crowd for the event and are well prepared for everything planned. Some of the things that we seemed to worry about the most turned out to be quite simple. And the things that we thought would be simple sometimes took longer to complete than expected.

For instance, we thought that arranging for catering and getting the venue booked would be a little difficult given the time of the year. But those things got accomplished without a hitch. We got the venue for the exact date and also the catering service that we preferred the most.

What came as a big surprise was the printing of invitation cards which we thought till that moment was going to be an easy task. We just couldn’t think of the right words to print and we were contemplating so many different angles for the invitation wording. This was taking a long time and we couldn’t seem to agree on anything.

Whatever we wrote seemed either too simple or too formal for the occasion. Finally we became desperate to get this job completed somehow. It is then that we came across this wonderful site which had such excellent birthday invitation examples. They had such a variety of free wordings that we found so many of them truly appealing.

We could not only download the birthday invitation examples, but could also use paper stationery and print them directly from the site. The text verse that we chose went like this:

We are celebrating the first birthday of our second son this weekend.
We cordially invite you for the function to share our joy.

Proud father
Timothy Lazarus, ME

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