Bowling Birthday Party Invitations

How I made Bowling birthday party invitations

My husband is a real bowling enthusiast.

He loves bowling so much that even our five year old son started liking the game.

He has great fun rolling rubber balls to knock down toys lying on the floor. Needless to say, our pet poodle is petrified of the rubber ball.

Apart from that small hitch, we generally liked the idea that our son showed an avid interest in this sport. So for his birthday last month, we chose a bowling party as the theme for the birthday. We designed our hall like a bowling alley, and even sent Bowling birthday party invitations to invite all the guests for the party.

Since most of the children invited for the party games were very young, we used huge rubber balls for the games. We made the bowling pins from plastic soda cans filled with sand. We tested out our idea a few days before the party and the rubber ball and soda can pins worked just fine.

Even during the party, the games went on without a hitch. But our poor poodle was nowhere in sight when the rubber balls started rolling and sprung into action. Anyway, the kids really enjoyed the game and we adults had a great time watching them have fun the whole evening.

Thanks to this site, we could print some really professional looking Bowling birthday party invitations to send out to our guests. The site had a great variety of themes from which we could choose to print cards for our birthday invitations. But since we needed a picture of our little boy on the card, we used our own picture for the card.

Bowling Birthday Party Invitation

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The site allowed us to upload our own pictures, which was a great feature. We could completely customize the cards according to our ideas. The end result was a fabulous set of birthday invitations cards that looked very professional.

Loving Mom

Stephanie Michael, MO

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