Brain Teasers and Riddles

The impact of brain teasers and riddles on the human brain

One of the greatest dangers of the 21st century is the decrease of the brain activity in the average people.

Most of the people come home from the office tired and the only thing they can do is watching TV for a few hours before going to sleep and as a result the percentage the brain is used drops.

The fact that many people have graduated a college or university doesn’t make things better: if the brain doesn’t get used on a regular basis, it will start getting rusted and work slower.

Exactly like our physical part of the body, the brain needs exercise as well. And the best part is that “brain fitness” can be much more fun than the physical exercises and you can’t pull a muscle in this way! Perhaps the oldest and most efficient methods to improve the brain activity are the brain teasers and riddles.

In order to be able to solve brain teasers cognitive activity or lateral thinking is required. But what does that actually mean? In order to develop the brain capacity, logical thinking is needed. Let’s take for example an easy riddle: What can be held by a person without being ever touched? It’s quite simple to guess the answer, huh? Even kids can guess that the riddle it’s about holding the breath.

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However, easy brain teasers should not be avoided or ignored. It is always the best to start stimulating the brain activity with less difficult issues. In this way you can build on a strong and healthy ground without making out of cognitive brain development an unpleasant and hard thing to do. And when you feel ready, you can start searching online for harder brain teasers and riddles.

And to make things more exciting, here is a riddle to think about. You won’t get the answer so you can see how your brain will start working by thinking about it. Are you ready? What is it that can be kept only after given away to a person? Think about it and the answer will come to you, I am sure. So do you give me your word that you will find daily some time for developing your cognitive thinking? (You’d better keep your WORD because solving brain teasers and riddles can help you in the future in ways that you have never imagined!)

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