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The tricky part about brain teasers answer search

Brain teasers can bring so much fun in the lives of the persons that take time for them, but at some point finding the answer to a riddle or a crossword puzzle can become frustrating.

After spending hours or even days searching for an answer, finding it can bring the same relief that the Bedouins feel when they find water in the desert.

So if the own brain can’t help us find the answer, help can always come from other sources: the people around us or the internet. While the internet is the most reliable and easy to use source, trying to get the answer from a friend or a family member can get into something really exciting.( I remember that my sister once called every single member out of our family in order to find out the last word at her crossword puzzle. And her call made us interested in brain teasers as well.)

Online help comes most of the times quickly and without effort in two ways: you can whether seek for an answer at the brain teaser forums or you can search for the riddle/puzzle or whatever type of brain teaser it is and see if it doesn’t have the answer already given. The brain teaser answer search can sometimes open the door to “unhealthy temptations”.

Here is what I want to say: the brain teaser answer search can sometimes mislead a person to solved riddles or crosswords and instead of trying to find the answer on his own, the person just reads the already solved brain teasers and has almost nothing to win out of it.

The most constructive way to find the answer to brain teasers is by doing research on the topic. Let’s say for example that you try to solve a vocabulary related riddle like this: What are the next two letters that complete the row: M, A, M, J, J, A, S, O? In such cases it is important to know that the letters always stand for a particular word, here the moths of the year (March, April, May, June, etc.) As a result, the answer is N, D (November and December), right? Getting to know the concept the riddles/puzzles/crosswords are built on will always help you find answer to no matter what type of brain teaser you try to solve.

And here’s a riddle for you: what three letters logically end this letter row: O,T,T,F,F,S,S? Don’t forget, research on the topic is the key to effective brain teaser answer search!

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