Brain Teasers For Kids

Entertaining brain teasers for kids

If there is something that keeps children busy besides the cartoons, brain teasers do that for sure.

Being entertaining and at the same time constructive, these games can have a positive impact on the child’s brain and help him have better academic results. If you ask yourself whether it is that simple to improve your child memory, you should know that it actually is.

However, at small age, children should be under parental guidance in order to understand how these brain fitness exercises work. For example, you can always tell your son/daughter a riddle before going to sleep and challenge him/her to tell you the answer. Give them time to think and tell them the answer only the next evening.

In this way, you will make your children eager to get more information and their brain will start its activity at an early stage. That surely will be beneficial for them and they will also have nice memories from their childhood. (I still remember how my father used to ask me what is lighter, hundred pounds of feathers or hundred pounds of iron. This question surely fooled me when I was little.)

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There are many types of brain teasers for kids. At a smaller age, the attention exercises are the best for encouraging the child to stay focused on a single activity for several moments. You can show for example cards with animals to your child then hide one and ask him/her what animal is missing. The constructive curiosity and attention can be nicely developed and as the child grows up, the brain teasers can become more advanced too.

Puzzles or easy optical illusions not only keep the child busy, they also develop his patience and intelligence. Good habits formed at early age will always be kept when being grown-up. Brain teasers for kids can open the way for your children to logical thinking and passion for developing the brain skills with appropriate constructive games for the mind.

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