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Exactly like the word’s meaning, the brain teasers are most of the times funny and “tease” you by showing you how easy the answer was.

Perhaps that is why children love these types of activities and always say “One more please”. Besides the fact that it has been scientifically proved that laughing and being in a good mood helps the brain to function better, it is also widely known that brain teasers can have a huge positive impact on the cognitive activity of the mind if practiced regularly.

Simply said, brain teasers are besides being funny extremely constructive.

So are you ready to have some fun with the brain teasers jokes? Let’s start with simple questions. What is it that turns everything around even if it doesn’t move? Or what is getting wet when drying? And I bet you know what box holds keys that have no lock, but can however unlock your soul!

Finding an answer to such questions is fun, isn’t it? (In case that you still don’t know the answer to the three riddles, cut every U and S out of the following words and you will find it: SUMIURSUROSUR, UTSUOSUWUSESLU and SUPUISASUNUOS) Not having everything fast and already solved is for the 21st century generation something new, challenging and exactly the necessary thing for continuing the human brain development and trying to use as much as possible out of its capacity.

The secret of finding the correct answer to brain teasers is thinking logical and paying attention to the minor details as well. Thinking logically is not something that is very well developed in all of us, but it can always be improved (My logical thinking is pretty bad as well, so don’t worry). Now let’s check this out and see what could be the right answer: A very dangerous criminal is caught by the police and can choose between three options on how to be tortured: enter a room with raging fire, enter a room with notorious assassins caring weapons or enter a room with three lions that haven’t eaten anything for three years.

What room is the safest for him? What is funny about brain teasers is that you can laugh how long you want after finding out how simple the answer actually was. Lions that haven’t eaten anything for three years can’t be any good anymore, can they? They are all dead!

Don’t ignore the benefic effect brain teaser jokes can have on your brain, they both make you be more relaxed and entertained, and the best of all: they improve your brain functioning!

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