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Oh! Dear butterfly, you fly so high,
If I had your wings, I would make rainbows shy.

Butterflies! Yes, the sweet butterflies, they instantly remind me of colors, freedom, and their lovely wings.

Butterfly is perhaps the only insect children relate to, even the socializing celebrities are better known as social butterflies. Butterfly theme is a wonderful concept for any party as it offers a wide range for décor, colors and activities for your party.

Don’t worry about the invitations; you can get free butterfly party invitations at our web site.You can set the butterfly theme with any occasion like birthday, baby shower, tea party or even christening. They are apt for any event. You can download and print our unique invitations as flyers to décor for your party, simply change the template and use it to your purpose.

Plan some games related to butterfly theme like cutting and coloring of wings, if it’s a birthday party get a butterfly shaped cake. Organize a treasure hunt and hide different styled wings at distant places in the venue and the child collecting most of them could be declared a winner.

The theme is so wide that you can do endless things to enhance it. If you do not want to indulge in expenditures, buy inexpensive favors related to Butterflies like a honey jar with stationery or a kit for making beautiful butterflies.

At 4n-invite we are not just designing free butterfly party invitation but even suggesting you a few tips from our experience so that you can gain maximum advantage from us. Trust 4N-invite and rebound the magic of your parties with incredible invitations.

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