Candy Bar Card

How to make a candy bar card for the person you care about

It’s amazing in how many creative ways candies can be used, isn’t it?

Creating a candy bar card was my all time favorite activity during high school. I just waited for my mother’s or my brother’s birthday to create for them these special cards.

I even convinced my schoolmates once to create a card for our English teacher because she was such a sweetheart. And she loved our surprise, of course.

Even if this whole idea sounds a bit puerile, these types of presents are always cherished because they are extremely creative, but also funny and delicious. All you need is a poster board, a marker and candy bars. Interested named, delicious candy bars are exactly what you need.

Let’s have some fun by creating the wording for a card together for a best friend who is a police officer. Supposing you have bought the following candy bars: ALMOND JOY, MILKY WAY, SNICKERS, BOUNTY, POP ROCKS, ROCKY ROAD, 100 GRANT, TAKE 5, SPECIAL, BOOST, SKOR, FAST BREAK and CAREFREE.

So let’s see what comes out: “I know you’re busy chasing evil BOUNTY hunters right on the ROCKY ROAD to MILKY WAY, but could you please TAKE 5 and read my SPECIAL note to you? You used to bring such ALMOND JOY in our hearts when you were dressed in pants and SNICKERS and used to yell through town how much POP ROCKS! So listen carefully, old buddy, we all know that you need a BOOST, so take a FAST BREAK and join us CAREFREE for the CHICKEN DINNER! Best wishes and happy birthday!”

I have to admit that I got rusted since high school days, but I’m sure that your short story will be more exciting. Have fun, let your imagination fly in the faraway candy bars world and let it come back with hilarious short stories. If you need some inspiration, you can find it here:; it’s not the candy world, but it surely is the candy wrappers paradise!

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