Candy Wrapper Handbags

Go green and fancy with candy wrapper handbags

Have you ever wondered what happens with all the candy wrappers once you have eaten the candy?

Well, in most of the cases they land into the trash and then on a land field polluting the atmosphere. However, that’s not what happens in all of the cases. Some very ingenious persons created out of the apparently useless candy wrappers, high fashion candy wrapper handbags.

The first time I have seen such a bag I was both amused and amazed. My sister who is M&M’S fan got for her birthday from a bunch of 13 year old friends a candy wrapper M&M bag. Not only that she looks trendy and up to date, but she is also kind of sweet because she tries to convince everyone how practical and eco friendly these handbags are.

If you are one of the persons that understand how important it is to go green these days, you must have this type of handbag. Women and handbags are known to be inseparable, so if you think about getting a new purse, why don’t you go green in this aspect as well? And I am sure that you will be satisfied with the results because they are water resistant and extremely chic.

The design of the latest hi-fashion handbags is incorporated in these bags as well, only that they are even more exciting by reminding everyone about the flavors of the sweet candies. Here’s a tip for young men that search for perfect unusual presents for their dates.

Are you a little bit confused regarding the handbag that would be compatible with your girlfriend’s style? I will make choosing the right handbag very simple for you: think about the colour of the clothes she usually wears: does she like casual brown or candy pink? Based on her colour preference, choose the matching purse colour. The next aspect you have to think about is the handbag’s size. Does she have small handbags or bigger ones?

If you’re not sure, focus on this detail when you meet her next time and you can purchase the ideal handbag for her afterwards.If you need more advice regarding candy wrapper handbags, you can find creative ideas on and probably the right handbag for your sweetheart!

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