Cinderella Birthday Invitations

Make Cinderella birthday invitations for your little princess

Every little girl dreams of being a princess.

They grow up listening to fairy tales of Cinderella, Snow White and the Little Mermaid. No wonder, they have a great admiration and love of fairy tale princesses.

Our daughter turned four just last week, and she too was a great fan of all the fairy tale princesses. So we decided to have a fairy tale theme for the birthday party.

We thought about a lot of princesses, but since Cinderella was her favorite princess, we settled on a Cinderella theme. We also sent Cinderella birthday invitations to all the children we invited for the birthday party.

Since we had a Cinderella theme, we decided to use a color scheme that reflected this theme. We decided on ceil, sky blue and white, which are the predominant colors associated with the princess. All the decorations for the party venue were made with these three colors. To top it all, we got a Cinderella outfit for our little princess too. She looked so pretty in her cute little dress for the party. Even all the adults who attended the party were very impressed with our theme.

What set the mood for the theme was the bunch of Cinderella birthday invitations we sent to our invitees. This was the first hint that they got about the theme for the party. We used the wonderful resources on this site to create truly professional looking themed invitations for the party.

Cinderella Birthday Invitations

Create your own Cinderella Birthday Invitations !

See free sample of invitation here!

The site allowed us to either use the pictures on the cards or use our own pictures. This was a really handy feature since we could completely customize the cards according to our preference. We could also change the wording to suit our preference. All of these features helped us to print really beautiful invitation cards for our little girl’s birthday party.

Happy Dad

Tim Edwards, PA

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