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A birthday is a wonderful occasion for a variety of reasons. It is a time to love and be loved.

We celebrated my mother’s birthday last week. I wanted to make it a real grand event.

So I made elaborate arrangements to make the evening really enjoyable for the guests I was inviting for the birthday. I mainly wanted my mother to feel very special of this lovely day.

So I sent birthday invitations well in advance to all her friends and our relatives so that we had a big gathering that evening. In order to create birthday invitations, I used this site to maximum advantage.

I am not a very creative person, and so naturally had some apprehensions about creating the birthday invitations on my own. But time was short and I did not want to go in for a professional service and that could have delayed sending out the invitations for all the guests.

Therefore, I decided that I will use this site in order to create the invitations on my own. The site was so easy to use that I could come up with a professional looking invitation card within a matter of minutes. I was amazed at what I could achieve within such a short period of time. And given the fact that I was not very creative, the outcome was truly amazing.

I could totally customize the card to my taste. I had the choice of using my own text and adding my own pictures to the invitations, which was something that I really found very useful on this site.

birthday invitation

Note: Get the full size version of this invitation by left-clicking on the picture.

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Now I always recommend this site to anyone who wishes to create birthday invitations. I tell them that the site is very easy to use and that they can make really outstanding invitations on the site.

Loving daughter

Jessica Mathews, MI

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