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Annual Family reunions are the much awaited event among family members because they can all get together and spend some time with each other. Parents, grandparents, cousins all gather at one place and feel that they are there for each other.

First deciding on the invitees and venue, comes next are invitations.

We at 4n-invite are waiting for you to share these precious moments and help you create unique family reunion party invitations. You will find interesting offers and templates on other websites also, but we can assure you good quality in our work. For such a lovely occasion we have several images and templates in out collection. You just have to choose the right stuff according to your party.

Start with the base of the invitation opting for some bright and cheerful background. Next you can add a sweet image of togetherness and an appropriate template to go with it. Now to make your invitation unique add some favorite family liner or some known one liner of your grandpa. These would give the invitations a feeling of being special for the loved ones.

You can even put a color theme for the party and define it as “great grandpa wants to see you all in bright red to bring cheer in his life.” If some elder parent in the family wears a big moustache you can even add that on the top part of the invitations. I am sure that would bring a smile on their faces. Apart from this add the programmer if you have arranged any.

Include charges for the food or funds that are to be shared by the family members. You can mention the person in charge for the arrangements so the family members can be in contact if any need arises.

Create a unique family reunion card and download it from our site. We always want to be a part of your joys and memorable moments, we might not be with you in the celebrations but our invitation cards will always be amongst you.

family reunion party invitation

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