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Custom Birthday Invitations- Creative Invitations for Birthdays

One of my colleagues in the office had his birthday coming up as all of us planned to throw him a surprise party, complete with custom birthday invitations and entertainment.

I was known for my creative side which made me take up the responsibility of creating the invitations before the special day.

Knowing that he had a funny nature to his character who took situations in a light manner, I decided to make humor the best theme while making creative invitations for birthdays. I narrowed the concept down to office humor and started to search for resources that might help me get started.

I was amazed to see so much of material available online that would enable anyone to create a professional looking invitation in no time. Since I was building custom birthday invitations, I knew that I would have to start right from scratch.

I came upon a website that had a very nifty feature of design, allowing users to add their own images to form the basic layout of the card. I soon came upon a cartoon depicting a humorous office situation and scaled it properly so it would fit the card. It was now time to step up to the next phase of creative invitations for birthdays within a short time.

There were lots of funny verses and quotes available for every situation on the website page itself. All I did was to find out some of the best office quotes that could be used in creative invitations for birthdays and modify them slightly to add a more personal feel. Different font and editing options also made my job a lot easier as I kept on making subtle changes along the way.

Finally, the entire card was ready to be printed and I had the website take care of all the complex tasks on my behalf. The invitations turned out to be a huge hit as I was glad that websites like existed in order to make my job of creating custom birthday invitations a lot easier and hassle free when I needed results the most.

Brandon Holmes, UT

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