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There are a number of good email greeting card sites that provide a wide collection of great looking cards.

The Internet is literally filled with a huge number of free email greeting card sites online.

But if you are looking for a Christian message in the card, then you need to see the Dayspring email card collection. They have a wide variety of cards with beautiful themes with Christian verses and wordings.

Especially for Christians who like to lay emphasis on the Word of God, Dayspring email cards are ideal as they have so many of their cards with scripture verses on them which are suitable for different occasions.

There is a great variety of themes to choose from on the site. Birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, graduation, various holidays and festivals and a whole lot of themes are available on the site. Apart from the occasion, the tone of the Dayspring email cards can also be chosen.

There are traditional cards, contemporary cards, light and funny cards and a lot of other categories for the tone of the card. Some cards are in plain HTML, while others are in Flash. Some are plain while others have background music added to them. Most of the cards come with extremely meaningful messages and Bible verses.

Christians who love scripture verses will be thrilled to receive Dayspring email cards. They are truly elegant and polished. The graphics and pictures used in the cards are of a high quality. The animation and sound clips are also excellent. The Bible verses chosen for each card are apt and appropriate for the occasion. The color schemes and the themes used in the cards make these cards extremely beautiful. While these email greeting cards are free for all occasions, there are also paid versions for the premium cards.

Dayspring Email Card

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Apart from greeting cards, the site has an online store selling various Christian goods for various occasions. It is a great site to visit for sending greeting cards as well as for shopping for a wide variety of gifts during Christmas, Thanksgiving, New Year and a host of other occasions.

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