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Bears Down, Chicago Bear! Play your best to win the battle,
You are our pride; our bliss let the scores settle.

Aw! Football fans they never ever leave a single opportunity to get together to cheer up their favorite team - the Chicago Bear.

These men in blue and orange ensemble rules nearly half of America’s sports fans and watched at every nook and corner of the country once in action.

This party can be as simple as you keep it and could be a real blast if you extend your effort and expenses. It is generally centered around game action on television where people sit together and enjoy the game with light snacks, drinks and fast food. But simplicity in a Chicago Bear party might not be your idea if you have chosen that theme for your ten year old son’s party.

Well! What is the problem you can easily start shopping for party arrangements sitting at home? You will need invitations, decors, games, balloons, table ware and favors and may be some banners. All these supplies at easily available at party supply stores on internet.

They have split list of supplies and even economic kits related to Chicago bear supplies. If you wish to celebrate on big scale you can even opt for their deluxe kits for the same. The venue should be an outdoor space so kids can enjoy live action amid their teams.

You can also keep few interesting games yourself like placing a Chicago Bear banner at the backdrop and asking all the children to either draw their symbols and color them or keep a soft ball to hit one target kid as goal and the left one who escapes all goals could be declared a winner. The food has to sandwiches, fries, burgers, pizza and ice-cream.

Why should kids have all the fun? if you are hosting a Chicago bear party with friends to watch them in action, you can make good use of Chicago bear party supplies such as few cutouts of your favorite heroes, banners, big Chicago bear balloon ( burst it after your team wins) and t-shirts with the team logo for your guests which they can keep as favors also.

There are other interesting supplies that come really cheap which you can browse through and order as per your requirement.

Chicago Bear are and will remain our favorite, many of us sit in front of TV with our Chicago bear t-shirt and helmet to get into the spirit, so why not do it with friends too? Go Bears!

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