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What fun it must be to fish!
George wanted to fish too. George likes to visit other animals in zoo too!
George wishes to ………...

A monkey in the house! That’s scary. But when we talk about curious George the little monkey is simply adorable. So let’s party at home for your little one with great curious George supplies and some creative ideas of our own as partying is an art of creating fun within your budget.

Initiate your plans with invitations which could be a banana or a curious George himself. If you are ordering your party supplies from a store then they offer invitations in their deluxe kits as well along with other supplies. Then think about the décor of your venue that could range from usual balloons streamers, ribbons, banners to few added George adventure posters and a huge cutout of curious George as a centerpiece.

If you cannot think up of nice curious George games then visit online curious George supply stores as they have ample game ideas and game sets that can be enjoyed in the party. Though few interesting games could be pin-a-tale on monkey, eat more and more bananas and curious George question bank game. You can also organize a treasure hunt of bananas for George.

Remember all monkeys are curious and playful but no monkey is as curious and naughty as George. So you will need to keep lot of playful activities at the party. Few online party supply stores have set of coloring sheets and crayons, party bubbles, curious George balloons and balls for activities purposes; they provide all these supplies at cheap rates so you can order them without any hesitation.

Keep banana chips, monkey masks, cup cakes, fries and curious George tableware for food. You can either order smashing favors from party supply store or create your own favors with monkey jelly, banana chips, curious George coloring books and few candies.

The idea behind curious George party is fun in action and activity. So get the party rolling and include maximum plays as George wants to try everything-

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