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Dorothy, Dorothy where are you?
Elmo is not having fun without you.

Elmo has a question:
Can he be the guest of honor in your birthday party?

Oh! Sweet little Elmo is most of toddlers friend. Children recognize Elmo as they identify with red color and TV.

The furry red round creature is itself a toddler who lives with his pet fish Dorothy and is inquisitive about new things in life. So a birthday party with Elmo is ought to be great fun.

Let’s initiate with invitations which could be best in red round cut out paper with huge orange nose. You can opt for simple colorful decors like ribbons, balloons and may be few colorful posters of Elmo. Dressings up your child as Elmo the birthday boy could be great but if it is uncomfortable for him at least make him wear an Elmo face mask.

Arrange coloring fun games; build a block or Musical balls game for children. Toddlers like to eat noodles, ice-cream, fries and cake. Favors are essential for toddlers; believe us they won’t budge without favors, so an Elmo goody bag or a pack of Elmo question cards could be nice. An Elmo party cake would complement your theme in good spirit.

Elmo enjoys so much of popularity that most of the parents keep their toddlers birthday party theme on Elmo. You can have easy access to supplies for Elmo birthday party from many stores.

Many online stores have extensive display of their products and even provide kits for Elmo birthday parties that are economic and cheap. Don’t forget to hand your son Dorothy, or he will miss his pet all through the fun.

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