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Children live in their own fantasy world, thanks to Disney and nick that pumps up their imagination each single day.

They can imagine all sea creatures, animals and insects communicating and enjoying life with fun like us.

So, whenever it is party time for them they love to live these fantasies.

A mermaid theme party is a hot favorite theme amid kids on birthdays. For parents also its real fun to dress her up like Ariel the little mermaid playing with other sea friends.

The theme is not much of challenge if you plan things carefully. For invitations create something with blue and pen down invitations with golden effects. Your venue should have specific effects of sea with either a large blue sheet spread across or dark and light blue balloons spread all over the ground.

Hang some dangles from the roof to add sparkle to party, party bubbles could act as real moving creatures in the mermaid theme. Sea creature masks, a few inflatable sea creatures and a big picture of a ship or streamer on the wall would create an effect as if it is passing over the sea.

Arrange interesting games like pull out fishy from the pond, blow soap bubbles in two minutes, making collage of sea creatures with stickers or a coloring contest. Your child could dress up in comfortable mermaid dress as Ariel and you could dress up as her concerned parents. You can also arrange video of the movie at backdrop to keep the theme running through out the party.

You might not create everything yourself create few things and order the rest of the supplies from any party store online.

They have exquisite kits that are cheap in prices and make the organization job a lot easier on parents. You can make choice for supplies like tableware, favors, centerpieces and decors that fall in your budget.

Just, set up the sea and let your little mermaid wander through it, may be she finds her fantasy world coming true with all her friends.

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