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When Mickey Mouse needed a companion, Minnie came through as a pleasant surprise.

Well, Mickey for Boys and Minnie mouse for girls. The entire Disney world enjoys them together.

So if you are hosting a Minnie mouse party for your little daughter why not include goofy and Mickey too.

Minnie’s face shape is so familiar with kids that even if you cut the shape of your invitations in her shape they would guess it is a Disney Minnie mouse party. The décor of your party can be big cutouts and posters of Minnie mouse, Mickey and Minnie together. You can also get an inflatable Minnie mouse as centerpiece.

You can have lot of colorful stuff around to brighten up the menu. This is very expedient them as lot of things are available in stores with Minnie mouse on them such as toothbrushes, bedcovers, towels, games, coloring books and lot more. So finding appropriate favors would be no problem in Minnie mouse theme party.

Games and entertainment could be Minnie and Mickey cartoons film for kids or few simple games like fries eating, pin a tail or pin bow on Minnie’s poster on the wall. The food has to be mouse favorite like juices, cheese sandwiches and flavored milk.

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These are classic Disney characters and you can easily find interesting supplies related to Minnie mouse at various party stores. They have balloons, tableware, favors, invitations and banners in separate offers and in cheap economic kits.

Instead of collecting supplies related to the theme from different places you can browse through online and order the specific supplies as per your requirement.

So let’s have fun at the party with Mickey away and Minnie mouse dancing in fun and making hay.

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