Disney Tinkerbell Photo Birthday Invitations

Disney Tinkerbell Photo Birthday Invitations- Disney Themed Cards For Children

I created special disney tinkerbell photo birthday invitations for my daughter’s birthday by using some great sites that I came across on the internet.

It had a template resembling the Disney theme which I used for the main background of the card.

I did not have to get into details as the entire process was automated to a large extent that helped me out a lot.

The next thing to do was to upload her photo on the card. This made her seem like a Disney princess and added a personal touch to disney themed cards for children. The invitations were also printable by nature so I could print out a few copies for easy distribution to people around me.

disney birthday invitation party

Finally, after some customizations, the card was ready. It looked absolutely beautiful and the online site was the main reason why all the visitors were so impressed with the invitation. I made my invitation at FreeFunnyEmailCards.com because of the large variety of designs and the ease with which I completed my disney tinkerbell photo birthday invitations within no time.

Alison Williams, NY

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