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My little girl is a Dora fan. She simply adores the character and treats her as her role model.

So naturally, when her birthday came up, I decided to use Dora as the theme for her birthday party.

Everything that we planned for the evening was in someway or the other, connected with Dora the Explorer. We decided at the very outset to closely follow the color schemes used for Dora. So chose to use a lot of pink and a little of orange and purple.

We used these colors for decorating the venue of her birthday. The cake we ordered also had these colors on the icing. Even the Dora birthday invitations we sent out to her friends had the same color scheme.

I always made my own invitation cards for all occasions. And making a birthday invitation for my little girl was again a great opportunity to express my creativity. But since I was running short of time, I decided to use this site instead of making cards by hand. The site was so good that I soon realized that even a person with no creativity can still get very professional results. So I knew that I could get much better results than the average person from such a wonderful site.

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The site allowed me to use my own wording for the invitations that I created using the site. This was a great feature as I could now totally customize the card to my personal taste and preference. I carefully chose the wording for the birthday invitation so that all the children her age could understand the wording. Then I chose a good picture of Dora and added it to the card. Finally, I sent the Dora birthday invitations to all her friends, inviting them for my little girl’s special day.

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