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It was old times when hosts would spend hours and hours going to printers to select an invitation sample, choose the matter and then finally get them printed to send out the invitations. With fast moving world and generation NEXT internet has started playing a key role in our lives.

E-mails have substituted many post processes and saves lot of time on behalf of the host. Now instead of going for old way, host easily opts for e- invitations to invite all his friends and relatives. This saves time and expenses too.

4N-Invite links well with modern times and even advances in its services. Are you searching for E-invitations on internet? Well we have the perfect e-invitations designs for your purpose. At the click of the mouse you can download free e-invitations designs and templates from our website. Please browse through our site, only then you can realize how unique and exquisite our designs are.

Our templates are written with a feeling and a purpose to suit your occasion. We do not make fake claims; we are what we speak for and what we speak about. A false promise of unique designs is not our game but good designs and explicit templates play a good one in our court. We have an amazing collection of e-invitation cards for several purposes, and a good collection of wordings to choose from.

Our regular user Rachel keeps coming back with more and more praises, she has downloaded our free e-invitation designs and templates several times and wrote to us -"You guys are wonderful, you just make theses invitations so special."

A few words from you and we know that we are doing our job well. Download our free e invitations and we are sure you will find an appropriate template to it on our site, because we work from our heart, we put words for your feelings and on your behalf.

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