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Pizzazz and popcorn are endless and salty,
Come and join us in our slumber party.

Parties are our lifelines. Calling friends to sleepover at night, planning a birthday party along with a movie and a nice stay, these revels are familiar with teenagers and kids.

We start setting up our party with a guest list, a nice theme and then to notify the guest about the party. The entire theme needs a little preparation and some good notorious invitations for your friends. Are you planning to throw a slumber party? Perhaps you are searching for invitations of your taste.

It is not an easy job to choose a single invitation out of several samples. But at 4N-invite, we take care of all your troubles and help you find taster to your taste. You have arrived at the perfect platform. We have templates and designs for several occasions. Start with the invitation section and download free printable sleepover invitations.

These cards are designed by our talented flower family keeping in mind the flavor of teenagers. There is an amazing collection of verses and wordings to add that personal touch to your invitations.

You can even add details to your invitations about games; music and movie show to the invitation and make it all the more unique.

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Polly wanted to throw a birthday cum slumber party for her daughter Christine; she searched for invitations and ideas on internet and after much research found the right ones at our site.

We came to know all about it when she wrote to us: You guys work amazingly. I had downloaded free printable sleepover invitations cards for my daughter’s birthday party and got great reviews about the invitations at the party!" Her party was successful, and so were we.

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