Elmo Birthday Party Invitations

Our ideas for Elmo birthday party invitations

Kids from all around the world just love the Elmo character.

This smart, lovable and cute character from Sesame Street is known to almost kids of all ages.

My seven year old is still thrilled with the character. So for his seventh birthday, I decided to have Elmo as the theme for his birthday party. It turned out that all of his friends were great fans of Elmo as well.

So it was a great party for the whole gang, and we as parents were very pleased to have chosen this theme. Two weeks before the party, we sent Elmo birthday party invitations to all his friends at school and in our neighborhood.

Although the kids liked the theme very much, we as parents had a lot of trouble getting the authentic feel of the character for the party. We could not find a lot of quality items that carried this theme.

Only a few select items were available that truly reflected the look and feel of the character and the theme. And of course, for the color scheme, we just had to choose orange, which was the easy part. We had to spend a lot of time looking for Elmo dolls and posters that looked authentic.

Another reason we strived for authenticity is because we had sent Elmo birthday party invitations to all the guests. The invitations looked really professional, thanks to the great features available on this site. The site helped us a lot in choosing the look and feel of the card.

Elmo Birthday Party Invitations

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We could also change the picture on the card with anything we liked. The site also allowed us to use our own wording for the invitations. Both these features allowed us to fully customize the cards to our heart’s content. Our guests were also very impressed with the invitations we had made.

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Noel Thompson, MI

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