Email Birthday Greeting Cards

The Wonder of Email birthday greeting cards.

The Internet has brought on a whole new revolution and has changed the way we do things forever.

Just a few decades back, we corresponded solely through the postal service.

Then we had the option of sending letters and packets by using a courier service.

Apart from these two options, there was no other way to send a written message to another person far away.

Of course there was fax, but that was seldom used by anyone other than corporate houses for business purposes. When it came to simple messages, we had to rely on snail mail.

But the Internet has changed all of that. We no longer have to wait a couple of days or weeks for our letters to reach their destination. Using email, we can send a message instantaneously to any part of the globe. That is the Wonder of Email birthday greeting cards.

Especially when there is an emergency and the message has to reach the recipient as soon as possible, there is nothing as useful and convenient as email. Even when it comes to casual correspondence like sending a greeting card, email is still a wonder tool as it is free, fast and extremely easy to use.

Last week was my grandfather’s birthday. I usually visit him on his birthday, but this time I was away on a business trip. The trip kept me busy and I postponed getting a birthday card for him until the last moment. Bu that time, it was too late to send him a card by post. I didn’t want to send a belated birthday card either.

Email Birthday Greeting Card

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Being the only granddaughter, I wanted to always make my grandfather feel very special. So I chose to send him an email greeting card online. I chose a card at

Card Place

and wrote a short and sweet message on it. Then I sent the card and he received it in a jiffy. And it was free too. My grandfather was truly amazed at the Wonder of Email birthday greeting cards.

Shirley Christensen, MS

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