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I never used email birthday invitations before, but I have to say they are very handy: you don't have to pay anything for them and it is much easier to personalize them than regular invitations.

Not to mention it is incredibly fast to create them and send them: if you have an idea and images ready it only takes a few minutes.

I found this website through a friend, she told me that she used it and it's great because you can upload your own photos, images and text, and basically use a great template you create very personal invitations in a few minutes.

The reason I needed to send email birthday invitations was that I forgot to buy regular ones from the shop – who has the time for such things nowadays! In fact I think I will stick with these email birthday invitations, not only they are for free but I can also save a lot of time this way.

I was thrilled that I could upload my own photo and arrange it in a nice way with the design: the invitations were absolutely wonderful, they were ready to be sent in a matter of minutes. Thanks to this website and the free email birthday invitations I was able to have invitations like this for the first time in my life: containing a photo of me, and with text that I could change myself however I wanted.

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See free sample of invitation here!

It was not only me who was so satisfied with the way my invitations looked: everybody who got them said that it was a great idea and asked me where did I get them from. I would surely recommend this website to those who don't have so much money to spend on invitations and who love to have personalized birthday invitations, that say something about them.

Martha, KY

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