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Some time ago, while I was shopping around my favorite supermarket I jumped into my friend Susan.

She is my school friend and I haven't seen her for ages. I knew she wasn't married although she was in her middle age.

However, Susan looked very happy and didn’t take smile of her face all the time. When I asked her why she is so happy, she told me that she was finally engaged.

She met a wonderful person and wants to spend the rest of her life with him.

Then, Susan started explaining how they decided to announce their engagement. She told me they had a very difficult job to decide which wording for engagement announcement to use.

They couldn't decide whether to use a saying or a quote from some famous person or try to think something on their own. Finally, they sat in front of their computer and searched the Web. They found many sites offering various engagement announcement examples but after long surfing the Web, they found this wonderful site.

Here they saw a lot of interesting engagement announcement examples. At the same time, they found many free printable templates and were so excited because they found everything they were looking for in one place.

I was really happy for her.Some people like to inform their close friends and family members in person or over the phone. More traditional way to tell them you're engaged is through the newspaper. Another very popular way to inform people about your great news is to send out engagement announcement cards.

Engagement Announcement Example

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