Examples of Bridal Shower Invitations

This site is the perfect place to find lot of examples of bridal shower invitations.

I thought that organizing bridal shower is not very difficult job.

But when my best friend Ann asked me to be her maid of honor I realized that I would have to plan how to organize the bridal shower.

I had plenty of work. I didn't know how to start. I knew that I have to send out bridal shower invitations to bride's friends and family.

I had no idea how these invitations are supposed to look like. Finally, I remembered. I started searching the Web and found this lovely site full of excellent examples of bridal shower invitations and there are many free printable templates.

Knowing that, I was relieved since I didn't have much money. Here on this wonderful site I discovered many different examples of bridal shower invitations. Some of them are fun like:

Tina's wedding is on the way
Let us prepare her for the big day
A bridal shower for Tina Wilkinson
(Date, time)
Hosted by Rachel Anderson

Some people prefer the formal bridal shower invitations:

Please come and join us
To a bridal shower
Honoring Susan Davis
(Date and time)
At the home of Jennifer Johnson

After visiting this site, I was so excited. I wanted to organize the best bridal shower ever seen. And I managed to do it. I found great bridal shower invitations. At first I couldn't decide which one is the perfect so I spent some time looking around this site in order to find invitation that would be unforgettable.

bridal shower invitation

Create your own Bridal Shower Invitation !

See free sample of invitation here!

If you visit this very nice site, you will see how lovely bridal shower invitations you can find. Or you want to use quotes or sayings, you will find those too.

N. Morales, NJ

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