Examples of Writing Invitations

There are number of outstanding examples of writing invitations on this site.

Writing invitations is very important part of life's most joyful events.

Nowadays it is very popular to write invitations for almost every occasion.

Most people like writing invitations and those receiving the same are no less happy. We all feel joy when get an invitation from dear friends.

These days I have received a few invitations and to admit I was very glad when I saw them. For example, I received an invitation from my good friend Nina asking me to come to their house to dinner.

Thomas and I would be
Delighted if you could join us
For dinner at our house
On (date and time)
RSVP (name and details)
Looking forward to seeing you

After this dinner, I decided to make a party and gather my old friends from high school whom I haven't seen for ages. This is how I wrote invitations.

I am having a party!
Please join me on (date and time)
There will be dinner and drinks.
I really hope to see you then!
RSVP to me on (phone number)

Of course all my friends who were invited came to my party and they all liked my invitations. They wanted to know where I got idea for invitations and I just told them to visit this lovely site where they can find many free printable templates as well as many other interesting invitations including sayings and quotes.

No matter if you are planning wedding or birthday party for your kid, or making graduation party or any other celebration here on this site you will find many interesting ideas for your invitations.

Example of invitation

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Create your own Invitation !

See free sample of invitation here!

Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Thompson
Would be delighted for you to attend
The marriage of their daughter Natasha
On (date and time)
At (address)
RSVP (name and details)

These are just a few examples of writing invitations found on this excellent site. If you search it a little bit you will run into many other examples. Happy searching!

N. Morales, NJ

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