Free B'day Email Cards

B’Day Email Card for Free

As soon as email emerged on the scene, people from every corner of the globe started using it to send messages to each other.

We have gotten used to email so much that we have almost forgotten what life was like, when there was no email.

We just wonder how we managed our lives back then with just the postal service. Although email started becoming available to everyone only during the mid 90’s, soon everyone started relying upon it heavily for all their communication needs.

But right from the early 60’s, work on the Internet infrastructure was taking place and email and other protocols were being used in research labs and institutes. Some special networks also offered email to their clients even before it became available to the rest of the public.

With the advent of the PC and the wide scale use of computers and the Internet, email finally became a global phenomenon. We have now come to the stage where we even send all our greetings through email only and no longer depend on the postal service. Sending a B’Day Email Card for free is a particularly attractive option especially when there are a number of people to whom birthday cards need to be sent.

There are so many sites where you can send a B’Day Email Card for free. For instance, you can visit where you can enter your own greeting wordings in the form provided online. You can use this form to create your custom greeting card. You can also add pictures to your card. You can upload up to 4 different pictures and add them to your greeting card.

You can choose animated GIFs to add animation to the card for a dynamic look. After the wordings and the pictures are added, you can further customize the card with your name and location information in the form.

Free B'day Email Cards

Create your own B'day Email Card !

See free sample of invitation here!

Finally you can submit the card to the site to be approved by the site. The card will be stored online and you can send the location of the card to your recipients to view the card.

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