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The people that live nowadays seem to be the real proof of the existence of the paradox.

Even if most of the people say that they don’t have enough time to do whatever they want, they also say that they get bored almost every day. How is that possible? The reason why this thing happens is because of the wrong life philosophy that most of the persons have. (And I don’t consider myself better.)

Most of the 21st century citizens consider their work boring after a while and can’t wait to get home so that they can sit lazy on the couch, eat pizza and watch movies. If the cable is not functioning or if there are no interesting movies/shows, we get bored. The only outdoor activity is shopping and going work, so life is quite monotone and without the spice of fun.

Many scientists believe that the Internet had great impact on making the people less intelligent because information is so easy to find and everything that one needs can be purchased. However, if used wisely, the internet can be a blessing in the life of the human beings. The age of technology is a curse only if we let it be.

So let’s make the best out of the life on this planet and discover the real fun and enjoyment of using our brains. That can be done by using the Internet too. Free brain teasers for example can have a tremendous impact on the mental development and can help people increase their results in the daily life (whether at work or at school). And besides that, they can be a great topic to talk about with friends.

While waiting for the teacher you can ask your classmates for example what is white when being dirty? (The blackboard) Or while waiting for the bus with the co-workers you can entertain them by asking out of the two words hot and cold, which one is faster, or what ever brain teaser you find interesting. (Hot is faster, because people can always catch a cold.)

Choose to be different, have some fun with the free brain teasers and getting smarter will be for you actually a game!

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