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The emergence of Internet and email has truly revolutionized the way we live and operate our lives and businesses.

Email has become a wonderful medium of communication. There is so much that is done through email these days.

We can actually begin to marvel at how we ever managed to life without it before. If you think about it, it is only during the middle of the last decade that people started taking email seriously.

Nevertheless, it has become such an indispensable tool today that we can hardly manage our lives without it anymore.

Universities and research institutions were the first ones to use email in the initial stages. They used it to predominantly to communicate with each other. Email was also used for business correspondence and academic purposes. Some special companies with proprietary networks offered email to their subscribers.

Email did not become universally available to everyone until Internet access to all became a reality. Now we all use email and it has become a part and parcel of our lives. We even use email to send greeting cards. People have more or less dropped the idea of sending greeting cards by post. Sending free email bday cards have their own advantages.

There are many sites that provide free email bday cards. You can visit where you can enter your own greeting wordings in a form to create your custom greeting card. After you have entered the wording, you can then customize the card by adding pictures in it. Unlike other sites which do not give you the option to ad your own pictures, here you can select and upload your own pictures making it extremely flexible. You can upload up to 4 different pictures and add them to your greeting card.

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Once the wordings and the pictures are added, you can further customize the card with your name and location information in the form. Finally you can submit the card to the site to be approved by the site. The card will be stored online and you can send the location of the card to your recipients to view the card.

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