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The Thrill of sending Free Email Cards

It is quite expensive to purchase greeting cards today.

The cost of postage has also gone up considerably in many countries. The best alternative to sending greetings by post is to send them by email.

Electronic greeting cards or e-cards as they are called for short, are a better and more eco-friendly option than sending traditional greeting cards.

It takes a large amount of paper to make the cards, large volumes of ink to print the cards, and a lot of fuel to carry the cards to their destination. All this can be saved if we send e-cards instead.

Moreover, most of the sites provide e-Cards for free for a wide variety of occasions. There are E-cards for Christmas, Thanksgiving, New Year, birthdays, anniversaries, and a whole bunch of occasions and holidays.

So the next time you want to send Christmas cards, you can choose free email cards to send instead of the traditional Christmas cards that we send by post. You would save a lot of fuel, paper and ink, apart from saving the cost of buying a card and posting it. A large number of sites online provide e-cards free of cost. The number of occasions for which these wide variety of cards are available is also huge.

Since most of the cards will have their own ready made custom designs, you will not have to create them on your own. This can be seen as both an advantage and a disadvantage. For the less creative, this is an advantage. But for those who want the option to add their own wording to the card, will find this to be a disadvantage. When that is the case, you can use the extremely useful features found on

On this site, you have a facility where you can custom design your own free email cards to send. The online form on the site is where you can enter your own wording for the invitation. You can then upload up to 4 pictures or photographs to the site to add them to the card. Every card submitted to the site will be assigned a unique web address. All you need to do is send this web address by email to people whom you want to see the card you have designed.

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