Free Email Funny Cards for Fortieth Birthday

Send Funny Cards for a Fortieth Birthday

Forty is a particular age that attracts a lot of humor.

For some reason, people think that guys get naughty when they turn forty. There are a number of jokes on the fortieth birthday too.

Two childhood friends, born around six months apart were nearing their forties now. When the first one reached forty, his friend sent him a music album as a birthday gift.

To tease him for having reached his fortieth birthday, he chose the music album from a specific band – UB40. Six months later, his friend sent him a music album for his birthday. The band he chose to tease him was U2.

So the age 40 has a lot of jokes associated with it. Someone has fun at someone else’s expense when they reach forty. There are a number of free email funny cards for fortieth birthday on a number of different e-card sites. The variety is so huge and there are truly hilarious cards in many of the sites.

But in case you have a joke or some humorous wordings that you want to add to your greeting card in order to customize it, then you can visit which is a site with a difference. Here you can enter your own humorous wordings in a form to create your funny greeting card. Once you are through with the wording, you can customize the card further by adding funny pictures to the card.

This can be real fun as you can choose the pictures of your forty year old friend to add to your card. Unlike other sites which have a readymade collection of pictures, here you can select and upload your own pictures making it extremely flexible. You can upload up to 4 different pictures and add them to your greeting card.

Funny card

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After the wordings and the pictures are added, you can customize the card with your name and location information in the form. Finally you can submit the card to the site to be approved by the site. The card will be stored online and you can send the location of the card to your recipients to view the card.

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