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A birthday is a special time to remember and greet a person.

Every person is a gift to this world. Of course some turn out to be good while some turn out to be weird.

Nevertheless, every single has the potential within them to be something great and to accomplish greater things.

And when it comes to greeting someone we really care about, a birthday lends us the opportunity to really express our love and appreciation.

When we greet them on their birthday, we are in essence saying that we are really happy that they were born and are a blessing to this world.

That is why when we get greeted on our birthday, we feel really happy. More than people remembering our birthday, the fact that they are happy about our birth and our existence makes us feel really good. We can express our love for them by giving them a gift. Or if they are far away, we can send them a greeting card. Now that the Internet has enabled us to send email greetings, we can opt to send Free email greeting birthday cards for their birthday.

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I always used to prefer sending greeting cards by post. Most of the old people that I send cards to were not very familiar with reading emails either. So sending a physical card made more sense when it came to old people. But after I came across a lot of youngster as I started teaching in school, I switched over to e-Cards. Just yesterday, I sent a card to one of my star pupils.

I visited

This Place

which is a free greeting cards site. I chose a funny card and sent it online. The response I got from my pupil was so encouraging. So from now on, I have decided to send Free email greeting birthday cards to all my pupils.

Glenn Smith, GA

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