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Festive occasions like Christmas, Thanksgiving and New Year are a wonderful time for everyone. It is a time for giving gifts to our near and dear ones, our friends and our acquaintances.

It is also a time for receiving a lot of gifts in return. There is so much joy and fun in the air when everyone, everywhere is celebrating and having a great time. It is also a time when almost the whole world is in a festive mood.

You can choose to send hilarious cards for any of these occasions. There is no particular reason that you need to send a funny card. Since everyone is having fun during the season, adding to their laughter through hilarious cards would be real fun. There are a number of sites in which you will find funny and hilarious cards.

Some of the sites also have email cards which you can send as e-cards. A truly innovative method is available at where you can make your own free funny email cards using a special form available on the site. Unlike other sites where the ecards are already designed for your use, here you can custom design your own cards.

First you can write your own funny and hilarious wordings for the card. You can be however funny as you want to be. Once you are through with the wording, you can then choose to add pictures or photographs to the card. Here again, you have the opportunity to add real funny pictures to the card. Otherwise, you can use some of the public domain pictures available in a number of sites on the web. Once you have chosen your picture, you can upload it and add it to the email card.

You can actually upload up to 4 pictures to the site. Then you can submit the card to the site and get the web address where the card is stored online. Then you can send this address by email to the people for whom you had designed the free funny email cards. They would love the custom designed card you have made for them.

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