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There is nothing better in a child’s life than reaching a milestone of a graduation. Because of this there is also nothing better than having those close to them at that graduation to see their very special moment.

However, there is definitely something better than the huge price tag that schools charge for the invitations that are ordered directly from them.

With high prices and long waiting times for delivery, many parents are searching for a better solution. This leaves the perfect opportunity for you to explore the world of free printable graduation invitations and announcements.

These announcements aside from being free are able to be customized to your own personal choices. You can change the colors, and even add a picture of your school mascot if you choose. Add the paper selection of your choice and you have just created something very special and memorable that was easy on the budget.

While other parents are busy working extra hours at work to pay for the invitations for their child’s graduation. You are able to simply log onto the internet and download the free printable graduation invitations and announcements and have all of the announcements ready and printed, delivered and even RSVP. All before any of the classmates have received their invitations to prepare for mailing. So why delay your quest towards being prepared and individual.

There is no reason why you have to use the invitations that the school has designed.

Printable Graduation Invitations

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What fun is there in looking and acting like everyone else in the class? Use this opportunity to show your individual style and enjoy your great milestone as your child moves one more step towards adulthood.

Spend the extra money that you have saved on a great graduation present, or even helping cover those additional college expenses and be glad that there are places available to download free printable graduation invitations and announcements.

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