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Music is so uplifting and encouraging that it can be used to greet someone and cheer them up.

It is said that music plays a major role in Heaven too where the angles and the saints of God are rendering worship and praise.

Music also plays a huge role in churches for the very same reason. Music has been a key source of inspiration to mankind in a variety of ways. Music has the ability to move the soul of the person as well as motive and energize his mind.

We may not be even aware of the ways in which music impacts our lives. Studies have suggested that babies in the womb are also influenced by music. Even plants are said to grow well under the influence of soothing music. So the effective of music on our world can never be overestimated.

Due to its powerful influence on our lives, we can use music is a very positive way to greet and uplift someone. Nowadays, you can ever send a greeting card that sings and plays music when the recipient opens it. Computers have come a long way today and every computer is now able to play music in any form. With access to the Internet, people are now able to send email greetings to their friends and family.

Putting the two together, it is now possible send free singing email cards instead of plain old cards without sound. Apart from the attractive graphics and animation on the card, you can also add accompanying music as well for a totally immersive experience. Sending free singing email cards is extremely easy. Moreover, it is free of cost.

Just visit and enter the greeting wordings in the text box provided in a form. Then choose pictures to include in the card as well. You are allowed a maximum of 4 pictures per card. You can then customize the card with your name and location information and then submit it to the site. The card will be stored online and you can send the location of the card to your recipients to view the card.

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