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Funny Invitations

Casual parties and occasions calls for equal amount of efforts in the preparations.

In a party where the multitude is friends and close ones, the invitations also needs to be casual and light hearted. A light spirited party indeed thus calls for light hearted invitation cards too.

I have always been the part of the arrangements in any party that is hosted in my house or by my friends. Often had I been allocated the task of choosing an apt invitation card for the occasion and thus I land up in the innovative field. I prefer funny invitations for such times and I can bet this is a bigger and more difficult job than choosing any other type of invitation.

I have had many unsuccessful visits to various card shops to get hold of the right funny invitations that would keep the spirits of all the guests rolling. The comic nature of the card has to be just perfect. Recently I had been looking through the Internet and searching different web sites until I came across to something that is truly a genius of its own kind. Let me tell you about it in details.

fairy party invitations

Browsing through different web sites I came across a place called You can check out this place from the URL It is truly a fantastic web site and has all the ingredients for any kind of cards. I had a great time moving around the pages and checking out the various options for funny invitations. The web site has some very nice templates for invitations and I could get hold of numerous templates that were simply awesome.

Funny Invitations

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The work was equally simple and all I had to do was select the template that I liked and download it in PDF file format in my computer. I could even choose separate wordings and phrases from another web page of this site and could add it to the template or even add my own words to it. The templates are completely customizable and then once it is ready I just had to print them out. You would be equally thrilled like me to know that all this is available totally free of cost from this web site. Yes, everything available here is totally free of cost. I just loved the complete experience.

The designs of funny invitations available here are very diverse and are even updated regularly to avoid monotony. Give it a try yourself and I am sure too would just love the experience.

Oliver Mark

Morris Plains, NJ

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