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Graduation announcements wordings ideas.

My granddaughter stayed in our home when she did her undergrad studies.

We lived near the university and she just had to walk for about ten minutes to reach the college. Although there was accommodation available at the college, we preferred that she stay with us as my wife was a former professor and could help her with her lessons.

The years flew by and now she is graduating next month. So we are all excited about it. My daughter and son-in-law are coming here in two weeks. But we wanted to go ahead and choose the graduation announcements wordings right away.

We will be hosting a graduation party for our family and friends and so we needed to find some good sample graduation party invitation verses to send to everyone. It is important that we send the invitation as early as possible so that people can reserve the day for this occasion and cancel all other appointments. In order to get the right wording, we browsed through a number of websites on the Internet that had graduation announcements templates listed on the sites.

While there were a number of sites available, we came across this wonderful site which even had discount graduation announcements. We really wanted to pick out one sample wording that was truly outstanding. We wanted to impress all our family members, friends and acquaintances with our eloquent graduation announcement. But finding the right one at this site was both easy and hard. It was easy because they had so many good wordings to choose from. But it was hard because we had so many choices that we didn’t know which to choose and which to leave. Finally we selected one which said:

We invite you all to the graduation ceremony this weekendJoin us for this happy occasion and celebrate the evening with us.

An elated grandfather
Martin Graham, TN

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