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Save money by sending Greeting cards through email.

One of the main goals of office automation is cutting down on the amount of paper that we use every day in our lives for various purposes.

A lot of the information that is carried through the print medium can equally effectively be conveyed through the electronic form as well.

It is just our resistance to change in the way we are used to doing things that makes us follow our old habits.

With so much of trees being cut down to make paper, we can save a lot of trees if our need for paper consumption can be lowered.

Switching over to the electronic format is not something that can be done only in the office. Every person using paper for communicating information can also join the efforts.

For instance, all of us are used to sending greeting cards to friends and family by post. We can join the revolution by switching over to e-Cards and send the greetings by email. Moreover, we can save money by sending Greeting cards through email. There is no need for stamps, postage fee, packing or pasting the package.

Everything is done electronically, without having to mess around with stationary. This makes the process very green too as there is no paper, ink or gum involved. The need to spend gas to transport the greeting card to the destination is also non-existent.

There are a number of websites that offer free online greeting cards. But my favorite is

This place

which has a great collection of free greeting cards. There are a number of cards in various categories. You will find one for every single occasion. I recently sent a card to my grand mom from this site. So the next time you want to send a greeting, visit this site and save money by sending Greeting cards through email.

Timothy Mason, TX

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