Two hard brain teasers a day will keep Alzheimer away!

Studies show that Alzheimer’s disease and dementia can occur due to the low use of cognitive and logical thinking.

And for that, there is only one known solution advised by doctors to be taken into consideration. It’s not much, but it can totally change the way we will spend our years when being old. Combined with physical activity and a corresponding diet, hard brain teasers are the receipt for living a life without worries for old age mental problems. And the best of all, brain teasers are also entertaining!

One of the hardest types of brain teasers is the so-called Zebra puzzle: believed that it was invented by Einstein when he was only a child, this puzzle is so difficult that can be solved only by 2% of person that try to do it. (And that is absolutely true. I have spent at least two days trying unsuccessfully to solve this puzzle.)

Challenging your mind is a very wise thing to do, and there are plenty of ways to do it: for example, try finding the answer to sophisms: A white hunter that adventured himself in the African Congo jungle was captured by cannibals to be their supper. However, the savages’ chief showed mercy and told him: “You have the right to a last sentence: you can decide how you will die. If you tell the true, you will get boiled. If you lie, you will get fried. So what are your last words?”

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In order to say his life, the hunter had to say a sentence that is neither true nor false. Is that possible? It seems that it is because the hunter’s words were “You will fry me in hot oil.” That put the cannibals in big trouble: getting the hunter fried would make his statement true. However, if the hunter told the truth, they had to boil him in hot water. Their only option was to fry the hunter, but that would have meant that his statement was false.

Not knowing what to do in this situation, the cannibals had nothing left than letting the hunter go. This is pretty tricky, isn’t it? For more diversity, you can also try having fun with optical illusions, paradoxes or geometry puzzles.

Keep your brain active and challenge him with hard brain teasers in order to develop your lateral thinking and the cognitive skills!

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