High Tea Party Invitation to Email or Print

Are you planning to host a high tea party? If yes, you should send high tea party invitation to the friends or family you are going to invite.

High-tea parties are suitable for many occasions. They are ideal not only for casual gatherings among friends but also for bridal or baby showers, a retirement parties, in honor of birthdays, weddings, graduations, new arrivals and many other special occasions.

High-tea party is a perfect opportunity to spend some good time with family or friends. So, when organizing such a party, high-tea invitations are a must.

High-tea invitations should be simple yet elegant. Invitations are designed to inform the attendee that they are invited, what to wear, what to bring and what they can expect during the high-tea party. You mustn't forget the wording as very important part of the high-tea invitations.

The wording should be polite and should include all the necessary information such as venue, date and time. Also the high-tea invitations should let the guests know if there are any special requirements about the party. If you like, you may enclose an RSVP card that includes the date the invitee needs to respond by and telephone number to call to accept or decline the invitation.

High-tea invitations may be very attractive and elegant. They should reflect the theme of your high-tea party. If you have time and wish, you can make your own invitations according to your style of life and according to your personality.

However, if you don't have time to design your high-tea invitations, you can buy cards, and with the help of your computer, add your own wording and make them be more attractive. Using catchy phrases and verses for high-tea invitations for your friends will make your invitations unforgettable and will certainly convince your friends attend your high-tea party.

Cup High Tea Party Invitation

Cup High Tea Party Invitation

Vintage High Tea Party Invitation

Ladies hight tea party invitation

High Tea Bridal Shower Invitation

High Tea Wedding Shower Invitation

Ladies High Tea Party Invitation

High Tea Party Invitation

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