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We all aspire to go to Hollywood at least once in our lifetime. A city of glitz and glamour, movies on the roll with lights, camera, action!

Celebrities, movie stars, media, top most fashion clothes and dazzling jewels all these are chunks of Hollywood city. If you have set your mind on living Hollywood party night then let’s get going. A Hollywood party can be an award’s night, a premiere show or a shooting sequence.

List down your guests and choose appropriate invitations like if you are organizing an award’s night then the invitation should be like VIP passes for special guests. Arrange for valet parking at the entrance as if treating celebrities. Décor the entire area with lights, a carpet roll to walk on, a fake stage with few people dressed as journalist.

Provide a suitable flair to your party by placing full size cutouts of famous Hollywood celebrities. Clapboard would be a great fun in-between party chats to entertain guests. Don’t forget to request your guest to dress up as their favorite stars.

The food and drinks have to be properly arranged and catered. You can arrange tableware, napkins, decors all related to your Hollywood theme. Place posters of famous movies, popcorn bag and studio lights all over for more intense effects. Arrange award shaped favors for your guests. With all your efforts they will certainly feel like stars receiving awards at the end of the show.

All this really sounds great fun and could be organized with little effort as you can order all the supplies required for your Hollywood theme party at various supply stores online.

They have all theme related products and even offer other services related to your theme. Enjoy the bash amongst Julia Roberts, Bruce Willis and Sharon stone.

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